We are a small family-owned company specialising in small and medium orders. We’ve been on the Czech packaging market since 1992. We offer comprehensive services, ranging from consulting and the design of packaging materials, to sampling, manufacturing in series from dozens of units and to thousands to units and final printing on the finished product. We rely on more than 24 years of packaging production experience. Our speed in completing orders is one of our greatest advantages.

We offer:

- corrugated cardboard products (three-ply and five-ply in various colours and quality grades)

- manufacturing of flap boxes and lid boxes

- manufacturing of shaped corrugated cardboard cut-outs

- manufacturing of strips, inner layers and internal box accessories

- a high degree of flexibility and speed of delivery


Chromy Packaging focuses on the needs of individual customers and their comprehensive coverage with extremely short delivery times and at reasonable prices. Our flexibility allows us to make deliveries of the smallest orders without their prices being affected by shipping costs or forcing clients to wait until a large truck is full, which reduces competitiveness due to an inability to meet the customer-specified deadline.

Advantages of cooperation

High quality packaging, a broad range of cardboard options, short delivery terms, attractive pricing and sophisticated customer service. The philosophy at Obaly Chromy is to create the conditions for its customers that enable them to grow and thrive.